Client Testimonials


Here's a sample of the comments from our clients on our delivery capability and skillset. We take great care to ensure client satisfaction and successful delivery - something that our clients really appreciate when they experience the enormous challenges, risks and costs involved in a Part VII transfer project as you can see below. 


Graham Kettleborough, CEO, Chesnara plc

“Paul provided significant and valuable project management and technical input into our Part VII process for the transfer of Direct Line Life. There were significant challenges, in particular managing the PRA and FCA, and also in procuring extensive mailing waivers from the regulators. This without detriment to clients and with significant cost savings. Perhaps the best endorsement I can give is to simply say that we wouldn't have completed the project without Paul’s input and sustained drive.”


Ian Maidens, Director & Chief Actuary, Resolution

"We have worked with Avanti Consulting for some 2 years during which time they have assisted us in successfully implementing 2 major business transfer projects, both of which were critical in delivering the benefits from our early acquisitions and creating value for shareholders. The projects were highly complex and their ability to understand and manage a wide variety of technical issues & resources was essential in achieving success, timely delivery & reduced risk."

Michael Livingston, Partner, Maclay Murray & Spens LLP

“I worked closely with Paul on a substantial transfer scheme in 2014. From my perspective, as a lawyer, it was a good arrangement. Sometimes, entirely understandably, clients just don’t have the time and resources to fully manage occasional large, multi-faceted, projects such as transfer schemes. That can sometimes lead to problems such as poor communication, failure to pick up on potential issues, and timetable slippages. Paul made sure that the project ran smoothly and on time. He is very organised, tenacious and thorough. He knows the insurance sector as well as the Part VII transfer regime very well. He’s also a very pleasant man to work with, which always helps.”


Mark Pender, Finance Director & Company Secretary, West of England

"We thought our relatively simple and non-controversial transaction would be straightforward but at least we recognised at the start that we needed expert help. We had not appreciated the complexities and requirements of the Part VII process so it is lucky we did. It was also lucky that we found Avanti Consulting and our good judgement that we decided to go with them rather than a “big-league” professional firm, where the costs would have been much higher and we may not have got such specific and appropriate attention. Without Paul it is highly doubtful that we would have met our deadlines and possibly the transfer would not have been successful at all."


Programme Manager, Sun Life Financial of Canada

 “Paul has an unsurpassed technical knowledge of the insurance business transfer process.  He was able to pinpoint the key areas that were most likely to cause issues and put the appropriate risk mitigations in place before they became major obstacles.  Through Paul's careful management of the different challenges that we faced as a team, the programme was able to deliver to its very tight deadline.”


Peter Göschl, CEO of Great Lakes, Munich Re Group

 "Avanti Consulting piloted a complex and difficult project and steered us through narrow channels by providing the expert guidance and hard work required. Under Paul's supervision (and by burning the midnight oil when required), the project was successfully completed on time & under budget. Paul's ability to run the transfer from a project management point of view and being able to contribute to all technical aspects at the very same time has been a critical success factor."


Frank Dressler, Senior Underwriter, Munich Re Group

 “Avanti Consulting worked with the Munich Re Group to advise on and project manage a significant intra-group transfer of a run-off portfolio covering insurance and reinsurance. The project had numerous technical & commercial challenges as well as differing stakeholder requirements between the multinational Group companies involved. Paul successfully balanced all of these aspects & delivered the project on time and within budget. We found his grasp of a wide range of complex technical issues and his precise project management style to be of great benefit in keeping the project on track and ensuring both internal & external

resources were effectively utilised.”


Graham Kettleborough, CEO, Chesnara plc

 "We invited Avanti Consulting to advise us on the project design, planning & delivery of a substantial business transfer project. This helped to accelerate the project setup as well as providing expert technical guidance throughout and enabled more effective use of our advisors and internal resources. I was delighted with the end result - a successful and well executed service which helped in significantly enhancing our bottom line."


 UK Finance & Planning Director, Sun Life Financial of Canada

 "With many competing business priorities, I needed someone for this project that I could rely on 100% and would only require my involvement at key decision points. I chose Avanti Consulting because I needed highly professional and experienced project management for the disposal of this key business. I had confidence in their ability to deliver - they exceeded my high expectations."


Mike Wilkinson, Director & Chief Actuary, Genworth Financial

 “We undertook a sizeable & complex business transfer project and needed to accelerate progress in one especially challenging technical area. I recommended Avanti Consulting who were called in to fast-track a solution under considerable time & resource pressure. They quickly assimilated the complex issues, effectively reduced our risk exposure & successfully delivered on time - an excellent all-round result."


Programme Manager, Genworth Financial

 "Paul integrated himself into a complex team with lots of moving parts very quickly.  His quick and effective

assimilation of disparate pieces of information from multiple individuals was particularly impressive. He had a relentless drive to overcome obstacles & when presented with internal resistance or unavailability, he calmly but persistently engaged the team until they made time.  He built and maintained clear and effective project plans and had the discipline to stick to them. His fair and balanced personal style made adhering to these plans the path of least resistance for people, thereby helping them focus on delivery."